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Work Zone Speed

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State troopers are on patrol in North Carolina's highway work zones, putting the pinch on speeding.
ROANOKE RAPIDS — Troopers are keeping an eye out for trouble everywhere during theholidays, but they'reespecially busy in Halifax and Northampton Counties. Speeders are causingaccidents in a construction zone along I-95, and the citation books arefilling up.

Like all of us, Willie Long likes to concentrate on doing his job, but inhis business he has an unusual distraction -- thousands of cars that arespeeding by only a few feet away. DOT employee Willie Arrington says thatmost folks don't pay attention to their speed.

Speeders have become so bad at this I-95 construction site that state troopersare putting in extra hours to stop them. The limit dips from 65 to 45,but some drivers are much faster.

Troopers say high speeds have caused dozens of accidents. They saythey are lucky that no drivers or construction workers have beenkilled. For highway worker Jimmy Long, going to work sometimes requires aleap of faith.

Highway work zones can be very dangerous for workers and motorists.

Last year in North Carolina, more than 3,500 accidents occurred in highwaywork zones. 19 of those accidents proved fatal. More than 1,500 workzoneaccidents resulted in injury.

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