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Troopers Cracking Down on I-95 Construction Zones

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The NC Highway Patrol has all available officers set up in strategic locations on I-95.
ROANOKE RAPIDS — Construction zones and speeding carscan be adeadly combination. Highway patrol officers in Halifax and NorthhamptonCounties say the problem on one section of Interstate-95 is so bad they'regoing to do everything they can to nab unsafe drivers.

The construction zone has been in place for weeks, but troopers saydrivers heading both north and south continue to speed through the areainstead of slowing down. The stretch of I-95 containing the constructionzone has a 65 mph speed limit, but within the zone, the limit is 55 and,in some sections, 45 mph. People seem to be ignoring the lowered limitsand troopers say that is dangerous, since the construction zones areunfamiliar territory.

In recent weeks, more than a dozen accidents have been blamed onspeeding in the construction zone. So, effective Wednesday, the highwaypatrol is boosting its efforts to get motorists to slow down. Trooper J.S.Hardison says people don't seem to realize the added danger of aconstruction zone.

Troopers are keeping an eye on traffic from several strategic places onboth sides of the highway in both counties. Their goal is to encouragedrivers to slow down before they hit the dangerous spots.

The highway patrol says it's putting every available officer on thehighway Wednesday to increase trooper visibility and motorist awareness.They say if you get pulled overbeforeentering the constructionzone, consider yourself lucky. If you get caught speeding inside the zone,there is an automatic $150 fine.

The construction zone surrounds an area where a new bridge is beingbuilt at the Roanoke Rapids exit. There is no specific date predicted yetfor completion of the bridge.

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