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"Tigger" Comes to

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"Tigger" is the newest resident at Pittsboro's Carnivore Preservation Trust.
PITTSBORO — A nine-month-old Bengal tiger begins the new year with a new home inChatham County.

"Tigger" received national attention when animal control authorities foundhim abandoned in Houston, Texas, starving and chained to a tree.His new home is a preserve for wild animals -- many of whom also startedoff as cuddly pets.

Carnivore Preservation Trust staffer Windy Stinner says that while Tiggerwas a little cranky after a long truck ride from Texas, he travelled well.

Loneliness almost killed Tigger. Like many animals at the CarnivorePreservation Trust, Tigger grew tobig to be a pet, and his owner abandoned him. Taking care of the animals'needs, and the public's safety, is what the Trust isall about, says Director Nancy Shonwaiter.

CPT volunteer Lori Widener says that people usually discover they've madea mistake when their pet tiger reaches six months old.

CPT volunteers are taking Tigger to his new home, for a new life, withnew friends and plenty of attention.

The Carnivore Preservation Trust is raising funds to construct a new 14,000square foot wooded enclosure for Tigger's permanent home.

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