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Atlanta, Charlotte Airports Affected by Weather, But Not Closed

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MORRISVILLE — For the second time this month, snow is blanketing parts of the south. Storm advisories reach up the east coast toNew England, making air travel a little "iffy", with some flights cancelled or delayed.

Some passengers at Raleigh Durham International are experiencing delayed flights. Others are trying to find alternate flights or routes.Monday, the major problems were in Atlanta and Charlotte where most of thesnow has fallen. Monday night and Tuesday could bring more cancellationsand delays as winter weather hits busy airports in the northeast.

For some travelers, such as Quentin Hill and his family, the news wasbad. Their flight was delayed, so they were booked on another airline.

Snow hit Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport slowing operations. DeltaAirlines cancelled 80 of its 620 daily flights in and out of Atlanta.Charlotte's Douglas International, a major hub for US Airways, was alsohobbled by snow. Planes waited in line to be de-iced. Those lines couldbe longer still Tuesday, if the northeast gets a lot of snow or ice.Editor's Note:

There are several things travelers should consider if flyingbefore Thursday:

  • Call to confirm flight availability several hours before the scheduled flight.
  • Arrive at the airport earlier than normal
  • If possible, consider re-booking on a later flight.
  • The situation is not critical, since most flights have been on time,but it pays to be aware of travel conditions.

    Photographer:Mark Copeland

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