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Man Killed by Police Addicted to Cocaine, Wife...

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Two Raleigh police officers were injured Monday night.
RALEIGH — An eerie call for help went out Monday nightnear a section of Raleigh where just months ago, Detective Paul Hale wasshot and killed in the line of duty. This time, two officers were onlyslightly injured. It was a suspect was who killed.

The incident at Martin and Freeman streets in downtown Raleighfollowing a traffic stop about 7:30 p.m. Master Officer J.C. Hicks andOfficer Charles Rosa were working with the Raleigh Special OperationsUnit, watching for street drug sales.

The officers stopped a vehicle, believing the occupants had been involved in a drug deal. Raleigh police Major William Baker says thedeceased suspect, 39-year-old Edward Hale Anderson of Raleigh, resisted arrest, slammed the car door on Hicks' arm, attempted to run over Rosa, and then, Anderson put the car in reverse, trying to run overOfficer Matthew Kohr. That's when the officers shot Anderson to death.

The three injured officers were treated at Wake Medical Center fortheirinjuries, which were not life-threatening. Hicks was released aftertreatment. Both were in uniform and were in a marked police car whenthe incident occurred.

The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident --a normal procedure when a suspect is shot. Police say both officers Kohrand Rosa fired shots.

A second suspect, John Alexander Goggins, was interviewed and released.He was a passenger in the vehicle driven by Anderson.

Eileen Anderson, the suspect's widow, told WRAL-TV5 News that shenever believed thather husband's cocaine addiction would eventually kill him.

Anderson says that her husband's clean-cut appearance made it difficult to find people who would sell drugs to him. They thought that he was anundercover police officer.

Police say they believe all proper procedures were followed in theincident.

Another officer, William D. Gill, was also involved in the arrestattempt. All four officers involved have beenplaced on administrative assignment until an internal investigation iscomplete.

Photographer:Greg ClarkandEd Wilson

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