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Cary Band Off to Europe

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CARY — The end-of-the-year holidays are always excitingbut for members of the Cary High School band, this year is even moreexciting than usual -- they are all off to Europe. They will be playing inLondon's New Years' Day parade.

The 100-member band, their parents and boosters worked hard, accordingto Booster President JoAnn Franke, to raise the money to go. "We didn't miss an opportunity to raise money," she said, "including wrappingpackages in the mall."

After all, a roundtrip to London, a Chunnel trip to Paris and threedays in that city don't come cheap. Not for 100, plus chaperones.

Still, the experience of playing in London is not to be missed.

This is the third international trip the band has taken. Earlier tripswere to Romania and Switzerland.

Chief chaperone Dennis Riggs says he is not worried about keeping theteens accounted for and out of mischief because he says the group is bothresponsible and intelligent.

And this will be one more trip under the Cary Band's belt.