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On Your Mark! Get Set!

Posted December 25, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— And early Friday morning, before the day barely gets started, the instincts of shoppers everywhere will reverberate to an unspoken yet forceful, "GO!" Store parking lots will fill up once again, as people come to spend the money tucked in their holiday stockings -- or to return items that didn't quite make the mark, no matter the good intentions of the giver.

Many stores hope to lure shoppers with price tags bearing marked down prices. December 26 routinely finds many Christmas-related items, such as wrapping paper, lights, ornaments, candles, wreaths, tinsel and wire hooks on sale, for half-price or better. In addition, many stores will have standard merchandise on sale. No wonder that holiday money burns a hole in one's Christmas stocking!

And where Santa brought the wrong size or color, or possibly two or three of the same item, it's time to hit the return lines. Be sure to bring the receipt if you have it. If it was bought by credit card, remember that most stores will make a refund applicable to that card; they rarely hand over cash for a credit card purchase. So have your card with you as well, if needed.

Be prepared for long lines, and as much or more hubbub as there was in the days preceding Christmas.

Everyone headed to malls and stores on the day after Christmas also needs to bring along good amounts of civility and patience -- and a sense of humor wouldn't hurt either.