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For Some, Last Minute Shopping is an Annual Tradition

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RALEIGH — At this point in the shopping season it's now or never.The shopping "days" until Christmas are now shopping "hours."At some point this evening the stores will close and Bob Langford willfinally be able to find a parking spot at the mall!

Meet Scott. Christmas Eve is his one day to shop.He's got lot's of people to buy presents for.

For most people, waiting until the last day would be absolutelyoverwhelming. But this guy lives for the pressure.Scott says he comes from a long line of last-minute shoppers.

"My father's the same way. He's doing his right now."

The key to last-minute shopping is knowing what you want. For Scott, onhis one and only day of shopping, that's not the case.

Now, a last minute shopper has to know where the potential hazards are.And that's one thing Scott's got all wrapped up.

"Cards are where you can get into trouble. You wait too late,its slim pickins."

Scott's still in search of that yet to be found perfect gift.But don't worry about him.He'll think of something. He always does. Besides, it's early.

When does he start to worry?

Listen toauorreal audiofilesm."On Christmas morning. But where do you findanything on Christmas morning? Harris Teeter, open 24 hours, they have alittle cardsection... perfect."

There he goes... a last minute shopping God.