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Grinch Steals Christmas from Fayetteville Family

Posted December 24, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— A Fayetteville family has proof that Christmas brings out the best and worst in people.

Robert Major and Lilian Wilson called police on Sunday to report that someone had swiped their children's bicycles. Then, on Monday, they discovered that someone had made off with all of their Christmas presents.

Now, strangers are trying to come to the rescue, and give the family what it can not afford to replace.

The bandits got in to the house by throwing a brick through the window, according to Major.

In an instant, all the presents for their three children were gone. They had clothes for the kids, coats, tennis shoes, a Sony Playstation, and remote control cars.

After seeing the worst in people, they soon saw the best. The two companies that came to fix the window -- Nebre Construction and Ratcliff Iron Works -- donated $200 to the family.

Today, you can still see wrapping paper in a nearby field where the thieves disposed of the evidence. Wednesday afternoon, Lilian Wilson headed out to go shopping and buy gifts.

Robert Major's employer, Damark, also donated money to the family. And, neighbors have been coming by to see what they can buy for the children.

In the end, the spirit of Christmas may serve to heal the wounds from one family's tragedy.