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Local Towing Service Offers Free Rides

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A safe ride could be the best Christmas gift of all.
RALEIGH — The Highway Patrol's drunk driving initiative kicked off Mondaynight. Troopers have been ordered to concentrate their efforts on takingdrunk drivers off the street. They're even getting help from thecommunity to do it.

How much booze is too much? That's the question area bartenders mustanswer. Tt TGI Friday's, bartenders go through extensive training tolearn how to answer it. And they follow the rules. Those rules keep themfrom serving more than 3 drinks in an hour.

Bar manager John Shellhase says if a customer is drinking three or fourdrinks in one hour, they are planning on drinking heavily. It's for thatreason bartenders really need to monitor the situation.

They also look for slurred speech and obnoxious behavior. ALE agent BillHolden says there are some employees who have never been trained torecognize the signs of intoxication. Some don't even know what properidentification looks like.

Alcohol and Law Enforcement agents also provide training through theirBARS program, be a responsible servant.

If people have too much to drink, they don't have to get behind thewheel to make it home. Charles Bullock's towing company will take peoplehome, free of charge, through the new year. His company will not,however, take people from party to party.

Bullock has provided free rides for the past eight years. He does it inthe hopes of saving the life of a driver who has had too much to drink,and other innocent people on the roads.

Johnston County's Towing Association is offering to take drunk drivershome as well. If you overindulge and need a ride, you can call(888)890-5220.

The free service runs from December 23rd through January first. You mustown the car being towed, have the keys and both pickup and delivery mustbe in Johnston County.

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