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Cell Phones Sell, but Price Remains a Concern

Posted December 23, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Among the hot holiday items this year, cellular phones. Lots of people are picking up the phones, along with the service packages. But while dealers are signing up more than 10 million new subscribers a year, there are still some people who'd rather do it the old fashioned way.

Bettye Spencer will give someone in her family a cell phone this Christmas. She believes it's the way to go.

Spencer's not alone. Industry figures estimate more than 40% of the cell phone sales for the year take place during the fourth quarter, especially around holiday time.

"I think like any electronic goods, people have a heightened interest in unique gifts," explains Nextel regional president Scott Hoganson. "Cellular, for example, has been in that focus for the past five years."

Even as cellphones have become a mainstay of America's biggest commercial holiday, a lot of people have still kept their plans for owning one cell phone on hold. The biggest hang-up is price.

These days, entry level packages go for as low as $16 a month, with a phone thrown in for a buck. Dealers WRAL spoke with won't speculate on how much lower the prices could go.

Cellular One salesperson John Powers thinks it all depends on how the user is going to make the commitment to utilize the phone.

Another option for cost conscious callers is a pre-paid cellphone calling card, like the one you see for long distance.

A trade organization estimates right now there are almost 54 million cell phone subscribers in the US.