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Cyber Countdown to Christmas Continues

Posted December 22, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— There's still time to buy those chestnuts to roast on an open fire, and to write the last few holiday cards before December 25 arrives. And with the kids home from school, you might like to schedule some projects to keep them busy.

Keep them deliciously busy with some special baking projects. Use your family's treasured recipes, of course, or try some new ones, courtesy of the Web. Go to Epicurious.com to find a wealth of recipes courtesy of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. Check out the colorful Christmas tree "decorated" in goodies. Click on one to find its recipe.

If you have both architectural and baking skills, try making a gingerbread house.

A related site also provides Hanukkah recipes. More holiday recipes can be found at Southern Living's site.

If you love the holiday's treats, but don't love the calories, visit Recipe Remakeson the WRAL-TV5 Health Team OnLine site.

To search for recipes for every holiday, all year long, and for just about every other cooking and baking need, go to the largeKitchen Link site.

For adults on your gift list or on your party invitation list, champagne tips should keep the celebration popping.

If your home still needs a holiday touch, visit a site with festive decorating tips.

Cyberspace can help withreallylast-minute card-sending. Visit theWRAL-TV5 OnLine Card Shopand choose from Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year's greetings.

The Web may embellish holidays, but Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are still real-life events. For some non-cyberspace activities, make a delivery of non-perishables to the food bank in your area, or to a rescue mission or church. Let the children help you choose what goes in the bag and take part in the delivery. If your household has teen-age or college-age children, they can volunteer with you at a food kitchen over the holidays to help prepare and serve, so that the regular staff can have time off.

Don't forget our animal friends. Call your local humane society or animal shelter, both to learn their holiday hours and to ask what they can use in the way of food or supplies. Then, armed with their ideas, stop by the pet food aisle of your local supermarket, and make the next stop a delivery for the animals.

In your own backyard, literally, you can feed the birds or squirrels. A cute painted feeder and seed make a good gift package for young children, who always seem to be fascinated by animals of any kind.

Then, as the hours wind down, and the kids get more wound up, the Web can help once more. Keep them busy tracking Santa's arrival. Jump on the Internet and contact the National Santa Tracking Headquarters on Florida's Space Coast. It will give Santa's ETA at your town.

Happy holidays!