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Holly Springs Mis-Read Meters Mean High Bills

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This month's water bills are a hot topic with residents of a Holly Springs neighborhood.
HOLLY SPRINGS — For one neighborhood in Holly Springswater is an expensive commodity this month. Town leaders say water meterswere mis-read resulting in the undercharging of lots of customers, butthey still owe the difference.

November's water bill is the hot topic in Holly Springs. ResidentMargaret Montverdi says her household water bills usually run around $35to $40, but it was over $200 this month.

Residents of a golfing community expect their sprinkler systembills to run around $200 dollars or more in the summer months, but a $735bill in November caught Karen Hope off guard. She says she suspected aproblem months ago.

Town Hall officials say a town employee failed to actually read metersfor several months and turned in low estimates instead. That employee leftthe department before town officials discovered the problem.

Montverdi says news of the discrepancy reached residents of SunsetRidge in the form of bills demanding the difference.

Town officials say they'll work with residents to enable them to paytheir bills over time, though Montverdi says that option wasn't offeredwhen the bills first arrived.

Holly Springs Public Works Director Luncie McNeil says meter readerswill now alternate areas they cover as a safeguard against similarproblems.