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On Board the Largest Aircraft Carrier

Posted December 17, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— There are four acres of flight deck on the JFK. That's longer than the Empire State Building is tall.

Sailors enjoy hosting their families, but after their work is done (L); It's loud on the flight deck as fighter jets are catapulted off the ship (R).

Sailor Steele Park of Raleigh (L) shows his brother, Trent (R), how things operate on the JFK. Here the pair watch jets take off.

It's an emotional return to port for Captain Fahy (L). It's his last time as commander of the ship; Visitors watch in awe as a group of jets make a pass over the JFK (R).

Captain Fahy peers across the majestic sea. Soon, he'll leave the security of the ship to take a high level job with the Pentagon.