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Deputies Give Up Search for Armed Man

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Members of the Durham Sheriff's Department surround an area where they thought Greene was hiding.
BAHAMA — Armed and possibly dangerous. That's how Durham County deputies aredescribing a man who's still on the loose. They say Danny Greene is armedwith a high powered rifle. They tried to flush him out of a wooded areafor six hours Wednesday, but later gave up their search. The threat,however, is not over.

Bahama in Northern Durham County looked like a battlefield Wednesday. Almost 30 officers searched frantically for Danny Greene, a 37-year-oldman armed with a high powered rifle. The same man apparently fired at hisfriend early this morning.

Eddie Murphy says he told Greene to get his life together, and Greeneopened fire just missing Murphy's head. Greene, who has a history of drugabuse, escaped into the woods.

Deputy William Black says Greene was recently arrested for a DWI at thebeach. After missing his court date, Greene felt he had nothing else to dobut go to jail. He also coming off a drug addiction.

Greene, dressed in full camoflage, managed to elude police. After sixhours of searching, authorities still hadn't found Danny Greene. They searched everywhere, and Major Wes Crabtree says they're now going to waituntil someone sees him, even though he's still dangerous.

The area around Bahama is thought to be safe as it can be at this point.Deputies hope to locate Greene through other means. Residents don't carewhat the means are. They want the gunman caught.

Greene reportedly has many secret hideouts in the woods around Bahama

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