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Raleigh Neighborhood Target of Break-Ins

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RALEIGH — A usually quiet West Raleigh neighborhood hasbeen experiencing a rash of daylight break-ins over the past few weeks,and residents are edgy.

One man said he returned home over the weekend to find his home hadbeen broken into, but he was grateful that he had not directly encounteredthe intruder. He said his 3-pound sledgehammer had been moved from itsusual location to right next to the back door. He was sure thesledgehammer had been put there just in case he had happened to walk inand surprise the criminal.

At least a dozen break-ins have been reported in the past two weeks inthe stretch of Western Boulevard just outside the Beltline. Residents saythey are watching out for each other's homes, and have been reportingsightings of any suspicious people to the police.

Police have been given something of a description of the intruder, butno one has been caught.

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