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Santa's Not the Only One Traveling

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RALEIGH — Santa's not the only one who will betraveling over the coming holidays. So many of us hit the nation'sskies and highways, the season's hustle and bustle is routinely marked by long lines at airport check-ins and traffic snarlsalong the roads.

Even though the highways probably won't be as jammed as they were forThanksgiving, a lot of travelers will be leaving North Carolina forpoints beyond -- or heading back into the state to visit family andfriends.

Nearly 800,000 people will hit North Carolina roads the Fridaybefore Christmas. And they'll be staying on the roads until shortlyafter New Year's.

One of the things motorists think about is the price of gas. Eventhough they'rethe lowest they've been in months, we'll still be paying a little morefor gas than last year. But during this holiday, most people saythey'llpay the price to get where they're going.

Donna Williamson said she and her husband wouldn't miss seeing hergrandchildren for anything. She said even if gas prices rose, thatwouldn't deter their trip.

No matter where you're going, the main thing is to get there safely.

Joe Daughtry said that for the holidays he tries to be especiallycareful. "Itry not to go on many strange roads and many times if I am going to anew place, I'll tryto map out my road numbers."

The state patrol advises that motorists take their time, pull overto a rest stop, have acup of coffee and take a break from the road.

After all, one reason Santa may be so jolly is that he's the only onewho avoids traffic jams at Christmas. Now if we could only find a sleighand some flying reindeer....

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