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A Time to Give

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CARY — It happens every year around the holidays. Allkinds of people start asking you to donate food, clothing and money topeople in need. Although the need is great around this time of year,your help is needed all year long.

If you have an old computer, a bed, or a desk, there is probably anon-profit organization which could use it.

Volunteers are needed to do everything from yard work to painting -- orsimply being a friend. These are just a few of the requests found onthe holiday wish lists of non-profit agencies.

One third of the children at Cary's White Plains Child Care Center have special needs. The center's development director, Rachel Hammer, wants toupgrade its playground equipment to fit those needs.

The center could also use some help with yard work, some new kitchenitems, and art supplies for the kids.

Before, she used to be afraid to ask for help, but she's not afraidanymore. Jamie Robertson is in a transitional programfor women trying to regain custody of their children.She needs everything from utensils to a bed for her 11-year-old daughterwho now sleeps on a pile of mattresses.

In some cases, time can be the most valuable donation. The Alzheimer's Association needs people to sit with clients and givecaretakers a break. Director Alice Watkins says that her organization'sneeds are not just seasonal.

Also on the Alzheimer's Association's list of needs is an up-to-datecomputer and teddy bears for their clients.

During the holidays our hearts do seem to be a little bigger, and that'sa gift those in need never forget.

Editor's Note:

If you have something or some time to donate, chances are that somecommunity group could use your help. To find out how you can put yourtime and talents to best use in the community, contact the United Wayat919-460-8687.

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