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Grinch Strikes in the Form of Church Break-Ins

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DURHAM — Three Durham congregations were dismayed tolearn that their churches had been broken in to, and two robbed, over theweekend.

Westwood Baptist Church, off Club Boulevard, was entered through thefellowship hall, apparently with the aid of a crowbar. One or morethieves made off with a computer, vcr, and payroll checks after ransackingthe building.

The minister, John Yavek, is grateful that no one was in the churchwhile the thieves were there.

A small amount of blood was found in the office from which the computerwas taken.

Police are investigating the Westwood break-in, as well as a robberyreported six minutes later from Immanuel Baptist Church at 3573Hillsborough Road, and a break-in reported from Grey Stone BaptistChurch at 2601 Hillsborough Road. Immanuel Baptist lost a video camera.Nothing was stolen from Gray Stone, but a slab of concrete was thrownthrough a glass door to gain entry.

Investigators will be considering if all the break-ins are related,which would be suggested by the location of the churches involved.

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