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Obscure Holiday

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Mary stands as a symbol of the end to the human sacrifice.
WILSON — Maria Torres and her friends are observing a holy day many Americans aren'tfamiliar with. It's called "Our Lady of Guadalupe", a Mexican name forthe Virgin Mary. To these followers, it is a sacred occasion.

For Torres, it's about honoring a higher power.

As the story goes, Mary appeared in a vision to an Aztec Indian 500 yearsago. She told him to stop the human sacrifice that had been part of theAztec religion.

"She wanted him to know that no longer did the people have to sacrifice,or offer their own flesh and blood," said Father Phil Byrum of St.Timothy's Episcopal Church. "The God and Father of our Lord JesusChrist had offered His Son for all of us."

For the second year, Saint Timothy's Episcopal Church is hosting the celebrationas a way to reach out to the growing Latino community. While these newcomers are putting down permanent roots in our state, part of theirfaith still makes them think of home.

The December 12th celebration includes attendance at mass and a festivefeast.

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