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UNC Officer Ponders Accepting Offer to Return to Work

Posted December 11, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— The University of North Carolina police officer who says he was fired for giving a ticket to a trustee's daughter has his job back -- if he wants it. Thursday, Swain decided he would return to work.

University Chancellor Michel Hooker offered reinstatement to Ed Swain Wednesday. Hooker said the firing was too harsh. He said Swain violated policy by visiting the Chapel Hill News while on duty, but that "..based on the fact that you have no disciplinary actions against you either for performance or misconduct, I believe it is appropriate that a lesser sanction, suspension without pay, should be imposed."

That suspension is for one week.

Swain says the chancellors decision took him by surprise.

Nevertheless, Swain called Hooker's decision to reinstate him a pretty good move.

Swain says despite his decision, he'll still take legal action for the week's suspension.