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Holiday Shoppers Tying Up Traffic in Mall Area

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The triangle of roads around Fayetteville's Cross Creek mall become congested with holiday traffic.
FAYETTEVILLE — The intersection of Morganton and SkiboRoads is at the heart of the Fayetteville holiday traffic headache. Duringthe holiday season 75,000 vehicles pass through this intersection eachday, as shoppers head for Cross Creek Mall.

Police say if you're heading that way, be sure to take along some patience. They'll handle the rest.

Fayetteville Police Sgt. Wesley Waters says it's a job just to keeptraffic moving.

Fayetteville police say they plan to deal with problems as they arise.They are also focusing on areas that are prone to gridlock. In particular,says Waters, they're keeping an eye out for motorists caught blockingintersections when lights change.

The police are also paying special attention to parking lots.They use bicycles to get around, and have a mobile police station at hand where officers can file reports without leaving the area. The stationdoubles as a billboard, sending a message to crooks. Officer Ralph Burchsays many people are appreciative of police visibility.

There are signs at all major intersections in the mall area. Thosewho ignore the signs and get caught will be ticketed. Last year, policesay the would pull over four or five vehicles at a time for blocking anintersection.

Photographer:Rick Allen

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