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Millbrook Teachers Worked Without Students in Burned School

Posted December 10, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Some Raleigh students spent the day at home Wednesday when classes at Millbrook High School were cancelled because of a Tuesday night fire.

The fire started in an art supply room in between two art classrooms at about 6:45 p.m. Those classrooms sustained heavy damage and the fire caused damage to the school's electrical system.That iss the main reason Millbrook was closed to students Wednesday. Extensive smoke and soot damage were also contributing factors.

Teachers and maintenance workers reported to work Wednesday to get the school ready for the return of students as soon as possible. Teachers pitched in to help with cleanup tasks.

Principal Dr. Del Burns said the smoke was very heavy at one point during the fire.

Investigators from Wake County, the City of Raleigh and the City-County Bureau of Identification were at the school throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday, searching for the cause of the blaze.

Burns said Millbrook's maintenance crew had help from others throughout the county. All were working toward getting things ready for upcoming exams.

Millbrook is expected to open Thursday for students. Officials don't want any days lost this close to exam time. The two damaged art classrooms will have to be gutted and rebuilt, but officials say it won't be too difficult to manage without the use of those rooms.

There is no word yet on a possible cause of the fire.

Photographer:Mark Copeland