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Your Generosity of Coats Makes a Difference For the Children

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Among clothing offered by the
RALEIGH — In eight years of WRAL-TV's Coats for the Children campaign, familiesin need have found warmth.The need has not vanished. There are still children who, without yourhelp, would not be as warm this winter.

The Salvation Army will distribute the coats and the dollar donations yougive.Lorraine Monroe says your generosity always makes a difference."We have families that come to us that have to make a choice whether ornot they eat or pay a utility bill."

To help those families, the Salvation Army in Raleigh opens their"Clothing Closet" every Thursday morning.Among the clothing offered are several children's coats left over fromlast year's Coats for the Children campaign."This community was very generous last year and I've alreadyreceived callsfrom stores, again schools that want to donate coats, want to have barrelsto collect coats."

Last year was different from most.Hurricane Fran took a toll not only on homes, but on bank accounts aswell.This year, the economy is up, unemployment is low and holiday shoppers arepacking malls and stores."I think people are seeing that they really are fortunate and they wantto share that."

Monroe says, despite the economy's ups and downs, the Salvation Armyshelter is always full. And the weekly Clothing Closet always attractsfamilies looking for a break."When you have people in need you have people who are more fortunate, youstill have those who are in need. We have women who come to this shelterwith nothing... they have nothing.And children have to be outfitted from underwear to their outer garments."

Last year's leftover coats are running out.As the winter chill churns lower, Monroe expects more families will comethrough these doors looking for help... hoping the generosity of othersmore fortunate, will keep their young ones warm."And so if we can offer them a coat for their children or for themselves...Then that's something else they don't have to worry about."

You can alsodrop offnewcoats, or used coatsin good condition to WRAL-TV, area Jiffy Lube or 360 Communicationslocations.

WRAL's Coats for Children volunteers will be taking your donations byphone all day Friday, December 12th in our annual telethon. Just call us at1-800-424-9725.

You can also make a cash donation throughWRALOnLine.