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New Regional Jets Arrive for Midway Service

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The new Midway regional jet.
MORRISVILLE — The first of ten new regional jets arrived at Raleigh-Durham InternationalAirport Tuesday. It's a big deal for the airline because the jets are thehottest new way to get passengers from point A to Point B.

They're called Canadair RJ's, short for regional jets. They're made byBombardier, Inc., a company out of Montreal. Each plane seats 50 and hasenough fuel to travel roughly 1,100 miles, giving airlines a lot moreoptions over prop-planes.

Travel agent Darlene Spull says the new aircraft will open the doors tonon-stop service in markets not served otherwise.

Com Air of Cincinnati was the first airline to try out the RJ. Noweveryone is jumping aboard. In fact, Midway has an option to buy another20 planes. Bombardier reportedly has a total of 298 orders for the 50 and70 seat versions of the RJ.

The jet has a price tag of approximately $18 million dollars. That's notchump change. Midway has had to work hard to raise the money for theplanes. The company recently sold its stock to the public, raising tensof millions of dollars.

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