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Time is Ticking for Holiday Shippers

Posted December 5, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— There are Only 19 shopping days until Christmas. That means there are even fewer days to get your gifts in the mail if you want them to arrive there on time.

You won't just find crowds at the mall. You're also likely to stand in line at the post office.

The rush is on. Post officer workers throughout the country are stacking up letters and packages, and are moving them out with the hopes of getting them to their destinations by Christmas.

More than five billion mailings are expected to be sent out this holiday season. Mailer sorter Melvin Lewis says the earlier people can get their packages to the post office, the better.

That's why Jerry Thomas is trying to get a head start. He says he just wanted to beat the rush and get the mailing out of the way before he forgot about it.

Others may have missed their chance. Many overseas packages should've already been mailed off to guarantee Christmas delivery. Mail sorters and deliverers work extra hard to get all the mail delivered in time.

Sorter William Odom justs wants to make people happy. He says that's what he and the other employees are there for.

The busiest day to mail packages off is December 15. So, your best bet is to get your holiday cards and goodies off early. You'll beat the crowds and the rush.

Editor's Note:WRAL wishes the best of luck to Terri Gruca. Friday was her last day at the station. Terri will go from reporting in the Fayetteville bureau to anchoring newscasts in Knoxville, TN.