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Photographer Specializes in Pooch Poses

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RALEIGH — The standard, off-the-rackChristmas cards are nice. But it's the personal ones that people likebest. Nothing is more personal than someone's pet. That's where GreatAmerican Pet Photos comes in.

Thursday was a big day for Belle. She's going to get her picture taken. And with the right lighting and theright composition, Belle can look like a million bucks.

GreatAmerican Photo is sort of a Glamour Shots for creatures with four legs. The man behind camera is Simon Williamson. How does he do it? By makingnoises.

Say what?

"I have a pretty good bark," Williamsonadmits.

Yup. To get Belle to strike that perfect pose, Williamsonspeaks to her in her own language. He says you have to bark like a dogbarks to get a dog's attention.

And different dogs have differentbarks. There's a bark for a little dog. And one for a big dog.

Williamson says his barks and whistles will even work on people, which isridiculous. But it does work on Belle.

Williamson has photographedkids, and photographed dogs. So what's easier. Next question.

Williamson's mobile studio will be at North Hills Mall in Raleigh Saturdayand Sunday.