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School Management Group to Advise Carver Heights

Posted December 4, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— How would you like it if a private company came in and pretty much took over your child's school. It's about to happen in Wayne County. School leaders are joining forces with an an outside company to try to jumpstart a low- performing school. Educators are confident the partnership will lead to better grades.

Judy Mallery is about to take on one of the biggest changes she's experienced in 18 years of teaching.

"We're always trying to look at what's going to be the best for the children," Mallery explains. "We hope that this is going to be successful for them and for all of us."

Carver Heights Elementary is the first public school in our state to team up with the Edison Project, a private school management group. It's known for incorporating fundamentals like math and reading with computers and input from parents.

Two years ago, teachers and parents at Carver Heights asked the school board for help with poor test scores.

"The Edison Project was selected because it most closely matched all of the concerns and issues addressed by the school community originally," says instructional director Marlee Ray.

The change will also mean more time in the classroom. Right now, a student is typically in class six hours a day. Next year, they'll put in a full eight hours.

Administrators say the changes shouldn't cost taxpayers any extra money and no teachers will be forced out.

"We see our agreement with the Edison people as part of a trend to provide another choice to the children of wayne county public schools," says Superintendent Jimmy Williams.

That choice begins in August when the school bell rings in new management and a whole new philosophy. Once the school is up and running, every child in Wayne County will be qualified for enrollment.