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Brown's a Football Coach Headed for A Football School

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CHAPEL HILL — In the last two years, Mack Brown has had a record of 20 wins and three losses. But part of the reason he's leaving may be that he and his football program never got the respect they probably deserved.

Brown is a football coach who's finally headed for a football school. Despite finishing in the top ten last year, and despite a 10-1 record thisyear, some people always wanted Mack to pack.

The Coach was treated to "boos" in his last game in Chapel Hill. Could ithave pushed Mack over the edge?ACC Sports Journaleditor DavidGlenn doesn't think so.

"Mack Brown is smart enough not to let three hours on a Saturday afternoonaffect the rest of his life," Glenn says. "He's not going to leave becausenot enough people showed up against Duke."

"I think it is a symptom of the bigger picture. UNC fans don't have thesame affection for football as texas fans."

And Brown had to be bothered by the fact that after another great year,he's looking at another trip to Jacksonille. If you go 10-1 at Texas, thatjust doesn't happen.

They may not be more forgiving in Austin, but even today Mack still isn'tthe man.

Every day theDaily Tar Heelprints a quote at the bottom of thefront page. Usually it's from someone like Kierkegaard. Today it comesfrom Mack Brown.

"When I make a decision, I never look back on it. 'What if' died the daywe moved on."

While Brown may have had it tough, whoever succeeds him will have it eventougher, especially following a team that could end up 11-1.