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Eufala St. Residents Say Promised Help Never Materialized

Posted December 3, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— No one wants to live in trash, much less near it, but that's exactly what some Fayetteville residents say they've had to do for far too long. Although the city has promised to move them it's taking longer than residents expected.

The people who still live on Eufala Street say they can barely stand to be outdoors. Helen Carter says the place is a mess.

Near Eufala Street is the county landfill, very close to Carter's backyard. For years Carter and other residents on Eufala Street have protested and fought to get the city to pay to move them.

Residents on Eufala Street say the issue is broken promises. Last year, they were promised the city would pay to move them by the end of the year. But now the city is saying it could be as late as June.

It's particularly frustrating for residents like William Davis who moved to Eufala Street 21 years ago, 3 years before cities and towns started dumping garbage there.

Wednesday was one of the better days. Carter actually found it bearable to be outdoors long enough to do some yardwork. But residents say they've grown tired of living next door to a garbage dump, and that it's time for the city to pay.

Appraisers are expected to finish up their reports next week. Then the city council must decide how much money to offer homeowners for their property. Moving the remaining 12 homeowners is expected to cost the city about $700,000.

Photographer:Mike Joyner