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New Council Dumps Fayetteville City Manager

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Applause erupted Fayetteville City Council chambers when the new city manager was announced.
FAYETTEVILLE — Out with the old and in with the new.That seems to be the motto of the new city council in Fayetteville. The council wasted no time in dumping the city manager and then hiringa replacement.

You might say the new council picked up where the last one left off-- by making waves. this time around, however, there were no close votes.The old council created plenty of controversy during its last months,including hiring Ron Rabun as city manager by a 5-to-4 vote.But, much of that council is gone, and so is Rabun.

Only four of the 12 current council members are incumbents. Withintwenty minutes of being sworn in, they gave city manager Ron Rabunthe boot, by a 9-to-3 vote.

Mayor Pro Tem Milo McBryde says there's no need to waste time.

Incumbent Councilman Robert Massey voted to hire Rabun this past falland says he stuck by him in Monday night's vote.

Rabun will be replaced by deputy city manager Roger Stancil. Thecouncil voted unanimously to give him the job. Stancil says he iscommitted to serving the community.

Mayor J.L. Dawkins says he's pleased with Monday's actions.

Rabun says he saw the writing on the wall and left town last week.He told WRAL-TV5'sRick Galldisappointed with the council's decision, saying he never got a chanceto prove himself. He won't walk away empty-handed. Rabun will receive$55,000 in severance pay -- an amount he didn't come close to making onthe job.

The council will delay hiring a deputy city manager in order to coverRabun's severance pay.

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