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Gas Company Not Delivering on Promise

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All-Star propane company doesn't have enough delivery drivers to meet its commitments.
APEX — As the mercury drops, people head to thethermostat to turn up the heat, but an Apex man says he's run out of gasto heat his home and doesn't know when he'll get any more.

Tom Kasten paid in advance for this winter's propane gas, but now hesays the company's leaving him out in the cold.

Even though he paid in April, Kasten says the company he signed a seasonal deal with, All-Star gas, has failed to deliver.

Instead of getting gas to warm his house, what he got was a $419 headache. Kasten is almost out of gas, has not received any more, and thecompany can't tell him when he'll get any more.

Kasten says he has called repeatedly and gotten little response. Workers at the Apex office of All-Star tell Kasten and other customers thatthey are having trouble finding drivers to deliver the gas.

National company spokesperson Marty Tricket says the company is new,and hasn't been able to hire enough delivery drivers. That, he says, isthe reason for slow delivery. He says customers with problems should callhim directly.hascalled and left messages, but says he has not heardback from All-Star. He says he has learned an expensive and cold lesson.

Kasten says he could pursue getting his money back, but it would bealmost impossible for him to get another supplier at this time of year.

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