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1 Down, 1 To Go in Travel Push

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RALEIGH — Emphasizing as they do family andtradition, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are very hectictravel times. With Thanksgiving behind us, we just need to deal withthe Christmas-New Year's travel to wind up 1997. And patience will beneeded as much for the coming holidays as it was for Thanksgiving.

After filling up on turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, millions spentSunday making their way back home, making for crowded airplanes, trains and buses. No matter which form of public transport people chose, they had plenty of company.

Farewelll hugs and kisses...and long lines were the order ofthe day for passengers at RDU International Airport Sunday.

And Mother Nature decided to toss a couple monkey wrenches into themix by bringing heavy rains and fog to some areas of the country --slowing down connections.

Mark Denton said he was told of delays due to the weather, with someplanes being held so connections could be made.

For others, the trip was a bit more difficult. Whether it's catchingtheairport shuttle, finding your luggage or just remembering where you parkedthe car, getting home after the holidays can be trying.

Traveler Betsy Fricke said she ran into problems leavingJacksonville, Florida. The plane was overbooked, but volunteers werefound to give up their seats.

Traffic on the nation's roads was moving, but heavy.The rain across the South made things tricky, calling for drivers to bealert to slippery roads and possible accidents.

One driver said that because in some places the rainfall was light, itwas just enough to kick up dirt on the windshield -- and to leave itthere. He judged it "nasty driving."

For some, a quick stop at a rest area to get a drink was all it took torecharge. And to regroup, ready to face the oncoming traffic.

And the familiar challenges were still there, such as the bottleneck in getting through Greensboro where I-85 and I-40 converge with US 29and 220. "The worst," said one driver, "was trying to get out ofGreensboro. It's a mess right around Greensboro."

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