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Eating Up Leads to Working Out

Posted November 29, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— It looks as if plenty of people are hurrying to lose the calories they put on at Thanksgiving before Christmas buffets and parties get under way.

Dozens of folks who went to sleep with full stomachs Thursday decided to head to the gym yesterday.

Health clubs filled up fast as people pounded the treadmills hard to shed calories and guilt.

One visitor to a local health club was Angela Maiden, who said -- as she continued her work-out on the equipment -- that performing rigorous exercise made her feel less guilty about what she ate on Thanksgiving.

Her view was shared by many others who were keeping her company on other stair-steppers, treadmills, rowing machines and weight-lifting stations around the room.

With area temperatures in the sunny 60s, sports clubs were not the only places seeing action -- lots of homeowners took a break from the drumsticks and football to rake or blow leaves from their lawns or to get in what could be the last mowing of the year.

Taking a leisurely walk with the family dog was also high on the list of activities. The autumn day was perfect for taking time with Fido.