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"Hell Nor High Water" Can Stop Fuquay Woman's Fight Against IRS

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Ruby Smith doesn't care if she has to be rude.  She plans on getting the situation straightened out.
FUQUAY-VARINA — The government may havemet its match in Ruby Smith. She's waged a one-woman battle against theIRS and Social Security Administration. Smith is proof you're never tooold to fight Uncle Sam.

Ruby Smith just won't give up. For about four years, she's been gettingletters from the IRS and the Social Security Administration claiming sheowes the government money.

"They got mixed up," Smith is convinced. "The numbers got mixed up, and itwas never corrected."

Apparently, the government has Ruby A. Smith mixed up with an R.A. Smithwho lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

"At first they just thought I was a flake I think, somebody just taking upthe time," admits Smith. "Lord knows why you would want to take up timewith the IRS."

Smith keeps her sense of humor. It's a rather wry sense of humor. Thatsense of humor has entertained members of the Fuquay-Varina PresbyterianChurch for years. Ruby's been church treasurer there, modestly paid, for25 years.

"I'm sure her income is nowhere near what's being charged by the IRS andsocial security," says Pastor Gene Pierce.

The confusion reached its peak this Summer, when Ruby lost her SocialSecurity benefits, altogether. Once again, the government got her incomemixed up with the R.A. Smith's. She wrote her Senator, and got herbenefits back.

"Stubborn, angry, obnoxious, rude, whatever it takes, I'm right," Smithexplains. "Hell nor high water is going to stop me unless I just giveout."

Ruby's going to need a little more of that stubborness. On Monday, shegot another letter from Social Security questioning her income andbenefits.

A Social Security spokesperson tells WRAL this is a problem that shouldnot be happening. They've promised to fix it.

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