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Gas Prices Down, Way Down in Some Areas

Posted November 26, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Hundreds of thousands of Americans are packing up to hit the road. Here's a pleasant bit of information: gas prices are down. In fact, in some places prices are much lower than you might expect.

In Alamance County there's a good, old-fashioned, full-scale gas war raging!

Dollar-a-gallon gasoline is not often found these days, but when it is, the station selling it is an oasis for the cost-conscious car owner. There are several such stations this year in Alamance County, at Interstate-40 exits 150 and 152.

Motorist Henry Bullock says he's always looking for a bargain at the pumps.

Motorist Connye Dillon says she's seen some low prices elsewhere, but not like these.

Dillon says it is a smart move for station owners to introduce themselves to holiday travelers.

Station workers say Dillon is exactly right. The company that owns that station wants to lure new customers in.