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For Many, Traffic Beats Day at Work

Posted November 26, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— For the next fourteen hours or so, conjestion is what you'll have to put up with on major highways just about everywhere.

The Wednesday before "turkey day" is prime-time for holiday travellers who say so far, the road to Thanksgiving bliss is running smoothly.

"It's not grumpy," says traveler Roger Sellers."People have been going along real good. Traffic is running smooth. There's been no traffic problems so far."

That could change Wednesday night as more people get off work and get on the road. DMV officers are staying busy along with mechanics who are working overtime to keep all the additional cars running. But, Steffon Deyo and his fiance, Cheryl, say no matter how congested it gets, the trip beats a day at work.

"Oh, tell me about it. Yeah, I needed it," Deyo explains. "I haven't taken off in quite a while, so I got a few days here and I took advantage of them."

Many of the crowds are taking a break at interstate rest stops and welcome centers like the one near North Carolina's northern border. Today, welcome center workers are seeing roughly twice as many motorists as usual.

"Lots of times, they will want to know how to get to a certain area like Greenville or Raleigh or Fayetteville," explains travel counselor Edith Jenkins. "Maybe they're going to those towns."

Vacationers like Linda Bernhart say a good attitude goes a long way on crowded roads.

"I was hearing people up at the rest stop talking about getting together and having barbecues and about the types of meals they were going to have," Bernhart explains. "It's just that kind of holiday."

At least it's that way for now. The DMV expects tempers to flare later on in the evening. Traffic isn't expected to subside until the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning.