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Hillsborough Street Violence Mars College Experience

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Hillsborough Street
RALEIGH — A half-dozen men in their late teens or early20s may be responsible for a series of Hillsborough Street attacks -- someof them involving tire irons -- that are worrying merchants and N.C. StateUniversity students. The attacks have occurred at 8 or 9 p.m., 2 a.m. --and even in late afternoon.

On the night of November 12, two students and a third man were injuredin an apparently unprovoked attack at Hillsborough and Pogue Streets. Onevictim, NCSU senior Joe Hall, 23, was knocked unconscious after beingrepeatedly hit with a tire iron in the face and body. He lost severalteeth, was cut and bruised and has lingering damage to his right eye.

Hall toldThe News & Observerthat he would like theassailants to be caught. "It makes no sense that a street a block awayfrom my campus is that deadly to walk on, that you've got to worry aboutwhether you'll get beaten to death. I don't know why the city of Raleighhasn't done anything about it."

The November 12 attack was one of several that have been reported alongHillsborough Street recently. Some merchants say they have heard of fourassaults in the past two weeks, including one in which a woman was hit inthe head with a tire iron as she was strapping a child into her car in aparking lot.

Hall said he has heard from people who know of nine assaults in thepast three weeks. In addition, the area has had a rash of car break-insbut increased police vigilance is thought to be the reason for a drop inreports of vehicle damage.

Raleigh police said few victims have filed formal reports of theirassaults.

A Hillsborough Street business owner, A.B. Ward, said he knows theassaults are occurring, and right in the commercial area.

Some ownersfeel it is cutting into their business, and say they have asked for morepatrols.

The university is on the south side of Hillsborough Street; shops andrestaurants line the north side and cater in large measure to students.

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