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New Coliseum Bringing Crowds, Money to...

Posted November 24, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Fayetteville got two hours of national exposure Monday evening. The USA Network broadcast several World Wrestling Federation matches live from the Crown Coliseum.

The coliseum has only been open a month. In that time, it has hosted hockey, wrestling, ice shows and concerts. It also is providing an economic boost for Cumberland County.

On Monday, more than 10,000 people packed the arena for the wrestling matches. It marks the third major attraction at the Crown since its opening. Wrestling fan Ryan Coleman seemed to be speaking for an exuberant crowd when he said the experience was great.

First, Reba. Then Disney on Ice. Now, WWF. Events that wouldn't have come to Fayetteville without the Crown.

By drawing big events and big crowds, the Crown's expected to give Fayetteville an economic lift. Kendall Wall, general manager of the coliseum, said the financial future looks good.

On a big night, the coliseum puts a few hundred people to work.

Von Hair, a coliseum worker, says he likes his new job.

Some Fayetteville businesses also hope to cash in on the Crown.

"I think it will bring a lot of business to the area, and we're sitting right here at the corner, and we'll have a big share of it," Sanat Naik, Coliseum Inn owner, said.

The numbers also tell the story. In recent years, it would take almost an entire year for the county civic center to top a million dollars in ticket sales. The Crown is nearing a million dollars in revenue -- in its first five weeks.