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Carolina Turkeys Selling Like Hotcakes

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Chances are, your Thanksgiving turkey was raised in North Carolina.
KENANSVILLE — What would the holidays be without thearoma of turkey roasting in the oven? Americans spend millions of dollarsevery year on the big birds and the turkey on your table might just behelping North Carolina's economy.

When you pick up your holiday turkey, look closely at the fine print onthe label. There's a good chance it was born and raised just down thehighway.

Duplin County sells more turkeys than any other county in America.Local farmers such as O.R. Blizzard say Americans' attempts to eat healthyare paying off.

The department of commerce says Duplin County sold more than 12 millionturkeys in 1992, and while demand for the product typically goes up at this time of year, local growers say they don't depend on Thanksgiving andChristmas for their yearly profits.

Many stores are running special sales now to lure holiday shoppers.If you shop in Jimmy Jackson's store, you'll have a tough time findinga turkey that wasn't grown here. He does his best to keep a good stock oflocal birds.

NC farmers say enjoy that holiday feast when the family sits downtogether next week and keep in mind that, every time you ask for seconds,your hard-earned money is staying close to home.

Another NC county made the list of top turkey growers thisyear -- Union County.

Farmers there typically sell more than 11 million birds every year.

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