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NCCU Cited for Workplace Hazards

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It looks like a nice building, but inside the paint is peeling.
DURHAM — A Triangle university that's seen its fair share of safety problems in thepast has a new list of violations to fix. State labor officials foundworkplace hazards in one third of North Carolina Central's buildings.

One year ago, it was the Department of Insurance writing fire codeviolations for buildings at NCCU. Thursday, it was the Department ofLabor writing workplace violations, 130 of them. This time, however, theuniversity asked labor inspectors to come over and check them out.

NCCU was a little surprised by the number of violations, but they vow toget the problems fixed fast.

Crumbling walls and peeling paint are the most visible of North CarolinaCentral's visible problems. But they're not the only ones. Expensiveequipment sits behind locked doors because of wiring worries and possibledisasters waiting to happen.

Harry Payne, Commissioner of Labor, says the violations are significantenough to warrant NCCU Chancellor Julius Chambers' actions.

The Department of Labor has given the university until December 19th tofix the most serious problems. A one-month deadline is far fromcomfortable for a school that has repeatedly asked for more money to dealwith old buildings.

Chambers doesn't know where the money will come from to fix the problems,even though he was the one who called labor inspectors in. One thing iscertain, safety has become job one on campus.

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