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Drunk Driving Laws Changing in December

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The driver of this car struck a Broughton High School teen while driving drunk.
RALEIGH — Anyone who drinks, drives, and gets caughtonce December arrives is going to find that it's not so easy to get off any more. New laws that go into effect December 1 are considerably tougher than current ones.

The state held a public meeting Thursdayat Broughton High School to let drivers know what they're in for. Theschool was chosen deliberately because it was recently affected by a drunkdriving tragedy.

Frank Nicholson was hit by a drunk driver in September of last year,and was critically injured. He and his family were on hand at the meetingto drive home the point about cracking down on habitually drunk drivers.His father, Grover Nicholson, said the man who struck his son hadalready been repeatedly punished under current law, yet was still behindthe wheel.

The new legislation allows law enforcement to impound repeat offenders'vehicles and allow officers to test those who are arrested for otherdrugs. Sentence will also be tougher.

Frank Nicholson is now a junior at Broughton. He was on his way toschool last year when he was hit. This past spring, Broughton studentsmarched to the State Capitol in a show of support for tougher laws.

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