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More New Jobs Coming to Rocky Mount Area

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DIVX announced Tuesday that it would open a customer servce center in Rocky Mount bringing in 250 new jobs.
ROCKYMOUNT — Some much-needed new jobs are coming to onepart of the state. Governor Jim Hunt was in Rocky Mount Tuesday morning toannounce the opening of a new customer service center.

The new jobs are particularly important, since they are the type ofpositions that unemployed local people can be trained to fill. The Nashand Edgecombe county areas have high unemployment rates. The incomingcompany says it wants to work with Nash Community College to train some ofthe 250 people it will employ. The company also says people will besupporting the program when renting movies.

The company is called DIVX, and produces small-sized video discs. Itplans to open the local customer service center in the spring of 1998.DIVX Senior Vice President, Miles Circo says some big movie names havealready signed on to put their films on these discs, and top electronicsmanufacturers will be producing players.

The company will be located in the old Rocky Mount K-Mart building thathas been unoccupied for about four years. Over the two years following itsopening, the company plans to hire an additional 200 people.

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