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Apex Man Saves Family From Probable Death

Posted November 18, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Greg Williams, his wife Amy, and their 8-year-old twins Andrew and Spencer, were in their truck Sunday when Greg suddenly suffered a seizure. The truck swerved across Highway 64, and landed in a pond, where the family ended up in a dangerous and potentially deadly situation.

The Williams family missed a telephone pole, plowed through a fence, missed a well, and took part of the fence with them into the pond. Their luck turned around when Robert Knowles showed up. Knowles says he saw the truck go off the road.

Knowles dove into the icy pond when he heard the boys screaming for help. With a hammer another driver tossed to him, Knowles shattered the truck's back window and pulled the boys and their mother out of the sinking vehicle. He then pulled out the father.

The pond is situated next to Brenda Branton's house. She said the twins were so calm, she thinks they're heros too.

Knowles says there was no way he could have just left the scene.

The twins were strong, but their mother says it's Robert Knowles who saved the day.

Photographer:Joe Frieda andKerrie Hudzinski