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NC Wants Refund from Toys 'R' Us

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NC is suing Toys 'R' Us and some toy manufacturers.
RALEIGH — North Carolina's Attorney General is askingfor a refund from the world's largest toy store. Two months ago, theFederal Trade Commission ruled that Toys "R" Us used its size to drive toyprices up. Now, Mike Easley is suing to get some of that money back.

The toy retail chain apparently has a great deal of clout with toymakers. One example of the kind o thing Easley is concerned about is thefact that Toys 'R' Us can sell a particular Barbie Doll by itself, whileother outlets can only sell the same doll with other accessories. Easleysays that is a form of price-fixing, because Toys 'R' Us can set its ownprice for the doll.

Easley says the state is suing because this is one of the ways themanufacturer and retailer have tried to get around anti-trust laws.

Easley says he hopes the suit will win the right for North Caroliniansto buy what they want where they want, and give Toys 'R' Us competitors afighting chance as the busy holiday season approaches.

Shoppers at the Cary Toys 'R' Us had mixed reactions to news of thesuit. Tracey Regis says she doesn't like the practice.

Randy Reinink says he doesn't thing it will matter to most people.

Laura Bajerski says she's disappointed in the defendants.

The possibility of collecting damages from the suit is a long way off.Easley says if proceeds are forthcoming, the money will go to a children'scharity.

Photographer:Lori Lair

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