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Cold Weather Planning Means Less Car Trouble

Posted November 17, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Keeping the house warm is a top priority in cold weather, but cars and trucks often go unattended. Experts say cars may be the first things to go as the mercury drops, but mechanics say there are some simple, inexpensive methods to keep the car on the road.

Jimmie Rasberry knows what it's like to be cold. Before he moved to Wilson, he lived in a climate where temperatures typically dropped to 40 degrees below zero.

Many people don't even think about winterizing their cars until cold weather strikes, but that can lead to costly repairs that could have been prevented. Auto repair service manager Greg Williamson says taking care of a few basics now, even on newer cars, can save time and headaches later.

Professionals say hidden belts and hoses can crack from the cold weather, and bring any trip to a grinding halt. Good anti-freeze, oil and a strong battery are on the cold weather checklist, and good tires are also important.

Many repair shops offer special discounts at this time of year.

Reporter/Photographer:Brian Bowman