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Husband Finds Wife Murdered

Posted November 16, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— A Durham woman was strangled in her home Saturday morning, and her body was discovered by her husband. Security guard Craig K. Wortham had just completed a night shift at his job, and entered his home about 8 a.m. Saturday.

He found Willa Regina Conrad Wortham, 41, dead inside their DeMille Street house. An autopsy was conducted late Saturday.

Wortham drove to a nearby phone to call police; the house's phone was not operating properly.

Police said it looked as if the house had been broken into, and Mrs. Wortham's clothing had been disarranged, looking as if she may have struggled with her assailant.

After being questioned by police, Wortham left with family members to stay at his mother's home out of town.

Neighbors described the couple as hardworking, nice people. They have a college-age daughter.