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UNC Students "Punt" When Protest Goes Awry

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CHAPEL HILL — Students had to make a major detourFriday night for a well-planned protest at the University of NorthCarolina at Chapel-Hill. Protesting students had hoped to block RamRoad -- a new stretch of road leading directlyto prime parking at the Dean Dome -- but Ram Road was not open.

This is not a major thoroughfare, just a connector from one parking lotto another. The quarrel students have with it is that it was paid for bytax payers, but only big UNC boosters will be allowed to drive on it.

Protesters had an entire evening of events planned as they hoped to gettheir message across to the NC Department of Transportation.

Liz Ball of Transportation Reformers says the group is concerned thatDOT doesn't care about taxpayers.

Demonstrators like Andrew Pearson say that, instead of using taxdollars for a road that very few people will use, the state could haveused the money to pay for other needed projects that would benefit many.

The DOT has apparently not completed its inspection of the new road.That's why it was not opened as expected Friday night.