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As Temperatures Drop, Be Sure Heating Costs Don't Rise

Posted November 14, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— Fall in the Triangle isn't exactly the "Great White North" but it is getting colder, and it's definitely time to turn on the heat. But for those who don't want to burn up their wallets, it's worth investing some time into saving energy.

It's already cold outside, but it is definitely going to get colder. So the best time to start winterizing homes is now. There are several affordable things homeowners can do on their own to keep heating costs down this winter.

Home depot salesmen Marlon Black says covering up all nooks and crannies is a good idea.

Preparation begins with shopping -- for a few items that will do much to help with heating costs. A good place to start is with this a window insulation kit. Black says it's easy to use and doesn't cost much.

Multi-purpose caulk is also good to use for sealing windows,doors, fireplaces and other openings. Black says a water heater blanket can also help save energy .

In addition, a small investment in attic insulation can help save money in the future.

One way to see which parts of your home may be letting out the heat is called the tissue test. Hold a piece of tissue in front of doors, windows, vents and electrical outlets. If the tissue flutters, there's a draft that needs to be sealed.

Reporter:Wisdom Martin