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Southern Granville Co. Growing Up

Posted November 13, 1997 12:00 a.m. EST

— As recently as five years ago, if you had told people in southern Granville County their hometown was about to become a boom town, they would have chuckled, but they're not laughing now. The area is currently experiencing surprising and unprecedented growth.

The population in Southern Granville County is going up, and so are the homes. Contractor Dudley Williams says they sell houses as fast as they can build them.

There are several reasons for the area's recent growth.First, jobs at places such as Hannaford and Georgia Pacific have brought in more and more workers. Second, is proximity to the Triangle, and access to overflow from that area's growth. Granville County homeowner Lou Reed says he moved there to live in a small town, but have access to conveniences.

Creedmoor City Manager Merle Edwards can't find enough room in her office for all the maps and plans that keep coming in.

While nearly everyone agrees growth is good, they also know it rarely comes without a price.

For example, a developer wants to build 102 houses near Lake Rogers, but many are concerned it will hurt the city's water supply. While Creedmoor has to protect some resources, it has to provide others.

If planning goes well, money for new services should come from new taxpayers. Creedmoor's population is expected to more than double in the next few years.

Photographer:Joe Frieda